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Getting back into PC gaming

As you all may know, I had a wonderful computer at one time. It wasn’t the best computer, but it was a good middle ground gaming computer. I had lots of fun on that computer, but alas I sold it, and regretted that ever since. Afterwards you could find me morosely perusing the deals section of newegg, silently telling myself that I would one day have a gaming PC again.

That day is now.

Kaleb Craig, who also had an average gaming computer, let his computer collect dust in the corner of his room due to overheating issues he couldn’t quite figure out.  He kept saying that one day he would take it in to have it looked at, but he never found the time, nor had the money to fix any large issues. I offered to buy it from him a few times but he said no.

Until the last time I asked.

He caved, and sold me the PC, and I set to figuring out what I could do to fix the overheating issues, and possibly what I could do to upgrade it. I will keep a running log of what I have found out, and what I plan on doing to upgrade it.

I popped open the case, and through the dusty haze, I think I found the problem staring me in the face. Fans. No case fans. He had the CPU cooler fan (I popped this off, and he had a healthy dollop of thermal gel still there ready to go) blowing into the side of the case, then the integral graphics card fan blowing down, then the power supply fan blowing up into the hot air being blown down by the graphics card. So it was just a big swirling mass of hot air stuck in the case. So my first upgrade is to add three case fans. The only problem is fan placement. The case has some strange places to put fans. So starting from near the bottom, I will have one to pull hot air out from between the power supply and the graphics card. In my mind, pulling the air out there instead of in would be better because I don’t think having another fan blowing into that stream of hot air will do any good. Then on the back of the case, there is a spot right next to the CPU cooler fan, then one spot for a fan directly above the CPU fan on top of the case, then one more spot just next to that, on top but towards the front of the case. So I am thinking this. On the back of the case, on the side that is pointing towards the CPU, I will have a fan blowing inwards. Next part is tricky. I want to have positive pressure in the case (more fans blowing in than out). Hot air rises, so it makes sense with one case fan blowing directly onto the CPU, why not have the fan that will go directly above it blow air up and out of the case? That leaves the last spot for a case fan, right next to the one blowing out of the case on top. Would it be dumb to have that blowing down into the case? It will have a clear shot to get all the way into the bottom.


I realize that this may be hard to visualize without pictures, so I will be posting some of those next. All opinions welcome. In my next post, I will also list the specs that I know, CPU, GPU, etc and planned upgrades. Let me know what your favorites are!

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