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Cameron and Gaming, Pt 2


Next console on the list is Xbox. My first game on that was Call of Duty 3. That was what made me start to like shooters. I had fun playing though the campaign, that and Halo. I must have played through Halo 50 times. I never did get to play it online, but with friends we had enough fun playing against each other. I never did own Halo 2, but I played it all the way through with a friend at his place. I may be the odd one out, but I enjoyed Halo way more than Halo 2.

I got my first Xbox 360 around 2007, and it was about this time that I became friends with Kaleb Craig. I believe actually we became friends in 2006. He was big into PlayStation, and that is how I got into both Xbox and PlayStation. His brother, Calen, is who got me into Halo 3. That kid memorized each map, and it was hard to do be anywhere near as good as he was. Truth be told, I was not as good at first person shooters then as I am now. Then around 2008, Call of Duty World at war came out, and that is where the Kaleb’s and I really got into competitive shooting games. We had a lot of fun playing online, and playing the original zombies. It was also in World at War where Nude clan was born, using their clan tag feature. About every week or so, moderators would remove it, but we kept adding it back. I think we got into Modern warfare at about the same time, but would then all get and play the next call of duty game when they would come out. Modern Warfare 2, then Call of Duty Black ops, which we still all feel that it was the best call of duty game. I dropped out of the call of duty series after that. I played a bit of Black Ops 2, but it wasn’t the same. I did end up playing and beating the story for black ops 3, but I did not touch the multiplayer after one go at it. The gameplay has changed so much. One game though during this time became my favorite game, and still is to this day, is Fallout 3. I have played Fallout 4, and I love that game, but it is missing something that Fallout 3 has, and I don’t know what.

Around the time we were really getting into the Call of Duty series, I and another group of friends were really getting into Halo. For me however, the Halo series ended with Halo reach. I had a lot of fun playing that game. I did feel that it was a bit of a stretch of the Halo series, but it was fun to get the prequel to the Halo universe. With the new Halo series, I just couldn’t get into it. With Halo 4, the gameplay just felt a bit off. I did finish the story however. I have felt no need to get Halo 5 however. I feel that I am done with that series. I would play those games however for a review, and if I had an Xbox one.

Now about 2013 I started getting into PC gaming. It was something that always interested me, but never had the funds to get into. In High school, I had a friend who loved to mod doom with all sorts of things. My favorite mod of his was adding the portal gun to the game. It was a fully functioning portal gun you would make portals with, then shoot through, and walk through. Now Kaleb Schweiss likes to think he is the trend setter, but all it really was is that he had enough disposable income first to get a nice pc. After that, it was why not get one as well? So I ended up spending about $750 on a decent build that I planned on upgrading later. That opened me up to the intensity of computer gaming. You not only get to play all of the new games, and make them look better than their console versions, but all of the old games you had so much fun playing. And all of the sales and discounts going on all of the time, you actually end up spending more money  than you would have if things weren’t on sale… all of the goodness. It was about this time that I began playing battlefield. I started out with Battle field three when it was cheap to decide if I wanted to get into battlefield 4. And it is a completely different play style than the Call of Duty series. More challenging, but also more fun and satisfying. The feeling you get when you watch your bullet arch perfectly to land directly on someone’s head is amazing. So I did become invested into the Battlefield side of the first person shooter. In Battlefield 4, my thing to do was fly helicopters. I got pretty decent at it. Unfortunately I did end up selling my computer. I have regretted that decision ever since.

Now, about the beginning of 2016, I got the PlayStation 4. I have enjoyed it far more than I did the Xbox 360, but who knows whether or not I would like it more than the Xbox one? All I know is that Xbox was doing some weird things with their new console, and all of my friends were on the PlayStation, so I switched over to that. Most of my review games have been on the PlayStation 4. Maybe one day we will do console reviews. That is pretty much it when it comes to my history in gaming. Not as invested as some of you, but still very much apart of growing up. Let me know what you think!

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