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Cameron and Gaming, PT 1

My first introduction into gaming was a super Nintendo my family had lying around the house, and really the only game back then I remember playing was this one Disney game. I can’t quite remember what it was called, but one level I remember being on a boat and fighting Disney enemies.

The next introduction into gaming was when my sister’s boyfriend gave my sister an N64. I remember playing super Mario 64, and that being a lot of fun. But the game off of the N64 I enjoy the most was 007 Golden eye. I loved that game so much, even as a young child, and I didn’t understand what to do to actually progress in the game. What I enjoyed the most was to go into the snow level map, sit on a hill with the silenced PP7 and wait as the enemies kept spawning and move towards me.

The console that I started really getting into gaming on was the Sega Genesis. It was an old console by that time, and if you moved it around you would hear bits tumbling around inside. Also, bumping it while it was playing would freeze the game, needing you to restart it. The three main games I played from that were Sonic the Hedgehog. I never did beat it, but I did get decently far into the game. Just thinking about it I hear the level music from the Green Hill Zone.  Man I would love to beat that game. I will nominate it for my next game. If you are reading this, please vote for it. Next I would play Mortal Kombat, and NBA JAM. My only real opponent was my brother, and being two years apart, he was never as good as I was and it got boring. Whenever I played with my friends though, the game that was the ultimate challenge game was NBA Jam. That was the proving grounds. I loved playing the Bulls and getting Michael Jordan to do his windmill slam dunk to shatter the backboard.

After that, there was a lull in my gaming until about 2002, when I got a GameCube for Christmas. This was about the time my brother and I really got into the Metroid series. When it comes to gaming, for the most part my brother had different tastes, but we both loved Metroid. He got the Gameboy advanced SP, and we would play and beat Metroid Fusion over and over again. On the GameCube, we got Metroid Prime, but we would always be restricted to an hour of video games a day, and I never did get very far at that time. It was easier to play longer on his Gameboy advanced. Just now, recently we got to review Metroid prime, and that was my chance to finally beat that game. But from those two games, we really got into that series. My brother did go back to the original Metroid first, and did beat that. After he did it, then I had to go back and do the same thing. I need to play through the entire series, from beginning to end. Soon.

To be continued…

5 thoughts on “Cameron and Gaming, PT 1

  1. Dylan says:

    Good job Cameron! I enjoyed reading that. Keep up the good work.

  2. Cory says:

    Great blog post!!

    Golden Eye was the best.

    1. I should also nominate that as a review game.

  3. Alastor says:

    Is NBA Jam the “he’s on fire!” game?

    1. Yep that’s the one. I loved that game.

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