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Getting back into PC gaming

As you all may know, I had a wonderful computer at one time. It wasn’t the best computer, but it was a good middle ground gaming computer. I had lots of fun on that computer, but alas I sold it, and regretted that ever since. Afterwards you could...
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Cameron and Gaming, Pt 2

  Next console on the list is Xbox. My first game on that was Call of Duty 3. That was what made me start to like shooters. I had fun playing though the campaign, that and Halo. I must have played through Halo 50 times. I never did...
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Cameron and Gaming, PT 1

My first introduction into gaming was a super Nintendo my family had lying around the house, and really the only game back then I remember playing was this one Disney game. I can’t quite remember what it was called, but one level I remember being on a boat...
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